You plan your trip and your destination
You decide on the routes to take
considering every ramification.
Armed with all the details and plans
you set out on the road
but then
road takes over from you implementing its own plan.

At places it is smooth as butter, luring you to speed through it
enjoying the thrill of being in charge
And then, suddenly there are bumps and potholes
giving you a reality jerk, very harsh.

At places it is straight as pine
you may glide and even take your eyes off it
At places it gets serpentine
with twists and turns
you need to be alert and make the right moves
a wrong one can put you on an unwanted u-turn.

This way your journey goes on
sometimes the road is guiding you
sometimes it becomes part of your crew.
And then one day, you reach your destination
and your journey ends
You bid adieu to the road
and it moves on and on
guiding some other traveller to his destination.

Such is a road

Is it any different from life?


33 thoughts on “Road

  1. As I was reading your words, I was likening the roads you spoke of with life …
    exactly where you were taking me!

    Yes! Smooth roads and sailing along, then kerplump … a big, huge pothole that you think you’ll never get out of … and ponder what kind of damage has been done!

    Very thought provoking words, Datsme!
    Hugs to you!

  2. Very articulate, and well written Datsme.

    The road your are writing about implies to me some degree of predestination.

    If you have religious faith then you believe God has designed a road for you to follow. You can still get lost, but the better you can read his sign post the better you will reach the destination he had planned for you, and receive his reward.

    If your faith is grounded in the natural system of the world you live in, then you will see nature as providing you with a blue print. You can choose to live within, or try to redesign.

    Your DNA establishes some limitations. Their are circumstance in life that are beyond your control. You can choose to live with these limitations, or try and blaze a new trail.

    The degree to which you understand nature, and the process of Natural Selection, shape how successful you will be in finding the best path, in whichever direction you choose to walk.

    • Ed: Very well said Ed. I don’t believe in god per se but yes I do believe in fate and destiny. A path is pre decided for you but if you wish you may alter it.
      I do agree that there are some circumstances that are beyond your control but accepting them as they are is the hardest thing to do.
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ed πŸ™‚

  3. Dearest Datsme,
    What a wonderful journey.
    Life’s journeys are truly just as interesting
    as we choose to live it.
    Life paths are chose roads for us
    but how we live our life paths
    will determined who we truly are.
    Always do yourself justice
    whenever on the road!
    I will always pray for you
    safe and kind roads along your journey.

    Datse, I have dedicated a haiku for you.
    please see it at
    I hope you like it.


  4. just as many have said, life’s a road…and for some of us we believe that the end of the road leads to a definite destination. your poem made me think of my life and how well i deal with things being smooth vs. serpentine. u made me question how well i respond to the obstacles of life. thanks…i love to analyze. ;^)


  5. excellent.
    i believe that my life is a journey.
    the destinations and potholes are all to be remembered and celebrated.
    As they are lessons that lead to a super highway.
    And the goal.

  6. I like how the road isn’t just something passive that you travel, but has a personality and intentions of its own… Sometimes life *does* guide you and you have no choice but to follow it.

  7. @ Neeraj Ji- Well, that would indeed be the natural/popular perception. Why bother writing about what is already there on the surface ?

  8. Hi datsme, new to your blog. I liked this because it is so true – and in most cases things never go according to plan! Which is why one should have some back-up plans. Too bad we don’t have sat-nav when we get off track tough..

    Thanks for sharing


    • Talibhaiku: Welcome to my blog πŸ™‚ Good to see you here.
      Backup plans are good but sometimes even they do not work and you are thrown in completely alien situations. And considering how life loves to test people, Im sure a sat-nav device will also come in an unknown language and without a manual πŸ˜€

  9. I enjoy how the road is like your companion…on the road XD

    So many times we think of it as something that is devoid of personality. It’s nice to see that given back to the paths we take πŸ™‚

    The “Good” Doctor

    • Good Doctor: Welcome to my blog πŸ™‚ Nice to see you here.
      Well thats the way it is actually…at times even objects seem to have personalities and I have known people who do not seem to have any. πŸ˜€

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