Just Fabulous :)

I got this  Fabulous FREAKING FABULOUS BLOG award from



Shakira is a fantabulous writer. Her words are like Tom Riddle’s diary (a la Harry Potter-1 fame.) they can take you in her world where you can feel her pain and joy, her fear and happiness.

A supremely beautiful human being, she inspires and loves one and all.

Since this is a tag with no rules (my fav kind!), like Shakira, I’ll also pass it on to 10 super fabulous writers.

  1. Cottage Girl
  2. Alina
  3. Deeps
  4. William
  5. Nanno
  6. Poet Traveller
  7. Beth
  8. Bakfire
  9. Ishabelle
  10. Gerardine

There you go!!

Have a Fabulous weekend and lovely Valentine’s Day 🙂


27 thoughts on “Just Fabulous :)

  1. You ARE freaking fabulous! I love your posts and your pictures! Congratulations! I’m so glad to know you …
    And thank you so very much for the nod! I am humbled by your recognizing my little blog!
    Hugs to you my dear! Have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! …

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  3. Congratulations on the award, dear datsme. Your blog is awesome! I’m honored to know you and am deeply grateful to receive this award from you. Thank you so much. It’s wonderful to see all these other brilliant and creative writers also mentioned here. All of you have deep hearts and are imbued with kindness. We share UNITY with each other and I am so fortunate to be a part of all of this.
    Happy Valentine’s Day. 😀

  4. Dearest datsme,

    WOW…you comparing me to Tom Riddle’s Diary.
    WOW..you are too kind but so sweet.
    WOW..I would like to know me through you too!

    You are absolutely fantabulous!
    So well deserved,
    I really like your style,
    Go girl!

    (means WISHING YOU PROSPERITY in mandarin, chinese)


      • Wow! Ya Sonam is Indian part. Nice to know 🙂
        Then how come your header sports quotation in Punjabi script?? I seriously thought you learned it from someone 😀

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