I remembered you

Standing in crowded grocery billing line waiting for it to crawl further, I look at my watch and remember how you used to tease me for being a stickler for time management. How you would come before me but still hide and make me wait for whole 5 minutes, just to see that where-the-devil-is-he look on my face.

Standing in the crowded billing line, I remembered you and I smiled.

On my morning jog, sweaty and sticky I am looking forward to a nice shower. I recalled how you loved to see me all sweaty and bothered.

Jogging all by myself, I remembered you and I blushed.

I hear a piercing whistle on phone while talking to someone. I particularly find it irritating to my ears and am not averse to even cursing the person responsible for it. You would whistle right in my ear every time we are talking on phone, just to hear me snap at you. And I would react angry coz I knew you loved it.

Talking on phone to someone else, I laughed.

People around me have seriously started doubting my sanity now.

All because I remember you πŸ™‚

Remembering you


26 thoughts on “I remembered you

  1. Dearest datsme,

    You are SO SO SO IN LOVE!

    Enjoy it darling for LOVE makes you,
    look younger,
    more attractive,
    a better writer,
    a romantic poet,
    you are so happy all the time,
    who needs ice cream!


    • Shakira: I would love to feel this way. Too bad its all in my mind right now πŸ˜€ Its part fiction and part past πŸ™‚ But im glad you liked it so much.

    • Thanks Nanno πŸ™‚ Isn’t it an amazing feeling to be able to randomly recall something sweet about someone that makes you smile anytime, anywhere. πŸ™‚

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