Any kind of happy…

‘It’s better to be any kind of happy than to be miserable about someone you can’t have”
Leah Clearwater Breaking Dawn

The only thing worth remembering from the 2 hour torture of Breaking dawn (but Breaking Dawn is not the point right now).. not coz I whole heartedly agree with it or strongly disagree. but coz I cannot make my mind… somewhere it shook me.

How do you decide something is un-achievable? when is it that you should give up… and when you give up, do you have to move away from it necessarily? So the only thing that should hold you on is whether you can get it or not. Honestly it sounds a bit selfish to me… reminds me of a child like tantrum.. i want it, if i cant have it then i don’t want to be near it at all!

But then this can be argued from another point as well…

Is there any logic in running after something which is clearly not yours… never meant to be yours, never will be yours? Keeping up the hope and seeing it get dashed every single time… how long can a human stand it. how long before you break from this self-inflicted torture?

Is it really amateur to see a lost cause in face and do what is right by your self as well as for those around us? Who decides what is right what is the more prudent thing to do?

The bigger question in all this is not what is the right thing to do…

It is..



Do you have it in you to do the right thing? Sometimes, that’s all that decides everything.



2 thoughts on “Any kind of happy…

  1. Thats precisely the reason why I like boxing. Its pretty much on the face. Challenging you all the time- either you hit or you get hit 🙂 All action, no gyaan 🙂

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