Comfort Zone

Wikipedia defines comfort zone as “…a type of mental conditioning that causes a person to create and operate mental boundaries. Such boundaries create an unfounded sense of security.” Human beings by nature seek a comfort zone. And its true for all aspects of our life-relationships, work, our physical work n many others. About a year back I was forced to confront the fact that my life is practically ruled by laws laid down by my comfort zone in every aspect of my life. And I decided to change it- one thing at a time. I resigned from my cozy comfy job. Being in media, there is actually nothing called cozy comfy but after working on same brand for 3 years, I had a good understanding of the work with little surprises. Things ran almost on an auto pilot.

So I moved out of there and joined another company…its been 6 months and I’m still trying to find my groove here. Its scary- from a sure position to a completely unknown environment. What makes it worse is that when I was moving out, I did not think it will be this tough- I somehow assumed that there will be a ready void that I would conveniently fill in…stupid eh. But I forgot that voids are always hidden. There are days I don’t feel like going to office, there are days when I almost regret the decision and think of all the people who are comfortably working 6 years+ in same company- they don’t feel this itch…what was I thinking to leave a steady thing and move?? It all comes back to my comfort zone. It doesn’t end with you moving out of it, its inertia also tries to lure you back. You are plagued with doubts and regrets- and there is no solution to these. So far I am not giving in. Its not going the way I originally envisioned but it will work out in the end.

Comfort Zone


Awards and a bit about me

Shakira– the awsomest blogger with a generous heart and an ever-ready hug for everyone gave me these awards and some tag-kinda rules. Now its really been ages since I wrote a award acknowledgement post-most of the time, I just put up the awards on my Award rack *sheepish look*

But like they say it’s never too late so here goes-


Cerebral Heart Award

And second one is-

Over The Top


And now the Rules-

1. Answer the survey below in one word answers. (* Im not a one-word person so I doubt i would be able to follow this one)

2. Pass this along to 6 of your favorite bloggers.

3. Alert them that you have given them this award.

4. Have fun!

Here is the Survey-

Where is your cell phone? Right next to me (like always)

Your Hair? Darkest Brown (you could say black but they are not deepest black)

Your mother? Gone out at the moment.

Your father? Gone with her. It’s a weekend 🙂

Favorite food? Anything spicy..lots of green chillis

Your dream last night? Ummm don’t remember 😦

Your favorite drink? Fresh Orange Juice

Your dream/goal? To be happy 🙂

What room are you in? Bedroom

Your hobby? Reading

Your fear? Reptiles (or anything that crawls….YUCK!)

Where do you want to be in 6 years? I never plan soo far ahead

Where were you last night? @ Home

Something that you aren’t? Focused

Muffins? Ummm haven’t had much of them so no favs.

Wish list item? A camping trip.

Where did you grow up? Delhi, India

Last thing you did? Chatted with a friend

What are you wearing? A Tee and pair of capris

Your TV? Is in living room.

Your pets? Don’t have any. Would like to have an aquarium some day.

Friends? No one realllly close at the moment 😦

Your life? Busy. And seems like it’s about to change big time this year.

Your mood? A bit melancholy

Missing someone? Kinda.

Vehicle? Nops. But very soon 🙂

Something you are not wearing? A saree 🙂

Your fav store? Anywhere I get a good bargain.

Your fav color? Plum 🙂

When was the last time you laughed? Few hours back when I was shopping with a friend

Your best friend? Ummm myself

One place that I go to over and over? Office 😀

One person who emails you regularly? My business associates and my clients 🙂

Favourite place to eat? Mom’ kitchen or golgappas from roadside hawkers

Wow..that was fun 🙂 🙂

And now I would like to pass this on to-

  1. Meghana
  2. Alina
  3. Rajlakshmi
  4. Cottage Girl
  5. Ishabelle
  6. Sandra

Better basket blog hop

Shakira, Noha amd Meghana invited me to join in this wonderful and generous cause in this happy Easter season. It’s Better Baskets Blog Hop! (it surely sounds cheery and smily 🙂 🙂 🙂 )

For every blog post written today and linked up, the Hershey’s Corporation will donate $10 to the Children’s Miracle Network.

CMN is a non-profit alliance of children’s hospitals dedicated to providing state-of-the-art care, life-saving research and preventative education across North America.

Rules of Acceptance :
  • Copy and paste these *rules to your blog post.
  • Create a blog post of giving a virtual Easter Basket to 1-? bloggers – you can give as many Virtual Baskets as you want.
  • Link back to person who gave you an Easter Basket.
  • Let each person you are giving a Virtual Easter Basket know you have given them a Basket.
  • Leave your link at where you can also find the official rules of this  #betterbasket blog hop and more information about Better Basket with Hershey’s.
  • Hershey’s is donating $10 per each blog participating to the Better Basket Blog Hop to Children’s Miracle Network (up to total of $5,000 by blog posts written by April 4th, 2010).
  • Please note that only one blog post by each blog url will count towards the donation.

Better Basket

I would like to pass this on to-

  1. Alina
  2. Collin
  3. Sandra
  4. Ishabelle
  5. Paul

Do pass it on guys! Its for a wonderful cause.

An Apology

I owe you an apology
You know they don’t come easy with me
But I know I did wrong by you
and its only fair I bow to thee
I blamed you for things I didn’t get
Admission to that top-notch grad school
Eligibility to management entrance
A job away from home so that I could enjoy being on my own
And I specifically blamed you for messing up my love
I scorned at all who sang your glory
He does everything for a better good
Ha! Humbug. Ya I was modern Scrooge
But now I believe it all
That grad school would have been too boring
MBA wouldn’t have taught me as much as a job did
If I was away from home
I wouldn’t have been able to care for my mom
And I doubt I would have been happy with someone
who wasn’t capable of loving me the way I deserved.
So over all, you did well for me
It was hard to accept that time
and honestly, I think it’ll always be.
But atleast I can say sorry for my bad words
and thanks for staying by me 🙂 🙂 🙂

Just Fabulous :)

I got this  Fabulous FREAKING FABULOUS BLOG award from



Shakira is a fantabulous writer. Her words are like Tom Riddle’s diary (a la Harry Potter-1 fame.) they can take you in her world where you can feel her pain and joy, her fear and happiness.

A supremely beautiful human being, she inspires and loves one and all.

Since this is a tag with no rules (my fav kind!), like Shakira, I’ll also pass it on to 10 super fabulous writers.

  1. Cottage Girl
  2. Alina
  3. Deeps
  4. William
  5. Nanno
  6. Poet Traveller
  7. Beth
  8. Bakfire
  9. Ishabelle
  10. Gerardine

There you go!!

Have a Fabulous weekend and lovely Valentine’s Day 🙂

Surajkund 2010

Went to see Surajkund Crafts Mela few days back. And that was after a full decade. Ya ya shame on me…its like just 40 kms from my place and it took me 10 years to visit again. But what the hell…I hate crowded places!

Anyways, pursuaded by my family, I reluctantly went with them and had a super duper good time 🙂 Sharing some pictures with you all here.

1. Welcome Rangoli is the first thing you see.


Rangoli @ Entrance

2. A beautifully painted boundary wall…I cannot even begin to imagine the time and patience it must have taken to make it.

Surajkund Mela 2010

Painted boundary wall

3. An intricately carved jharokha or a window.


One of the shops selling colourful wall decorations

Rajasthan was the theme state for this year. So there were lots of colours and dances 🙂

One of the intricately decorated gates

This is gate for state of Himachal Pradesh. Gate is replica of Maheshwara Temple.

This one themed Himachal Pradesh

More colours than rainbow itself. So vibrant 🙂

Ain't it pretty 🙂

Colours- That is what defines the state of Rajasthan.

All the colours

These dancers come from far and wide showcasing their talent. They not only entertain you but at times make you join them as well.

Rajasthani Dancers

These folk singers have been singing since years, maybe decades. Music is soothing. I could sit and listen to it for hours 🙂

Folk Singers

This is totally out of this world. Balancing 6 matkas on your head is no joke. And they were NOT glued.

Dance of 6 'matkas'

As if balancing them on her head was not enough, she could dance too. I don’t think I would be able to even stand and she could bend!!!! Takes them years of practice to master this.


Have you ever seen a more colourful horse 😀 It was fun to watch this guy dance 🙂

Ever seen a colourful horse 😀

Puppet show is one of the cutest things to see…just looking at them move makes you smile. If you haven’t seen it, you have missed something 🙂


They are also good as decorations.


This is hand made. I bet no machine can churn out something this beautiful. If it looks this good on a tree, how will it look on a living room wall.

Will look good in living room 🙂

This wood carving he done BY HAND!! Seriously…I saw him doing it! Such patience and eye for detail.

Such intricate wood carving!

Family Oriented Bride

Weddings are in the air. People are getting hitched left, right and centre. Initially I thought it was only me but a quick poll among my Facebook buddies told me its with everyone. Everyone around everyone is getting married! Kinda spooky, isn’t it 😀

I came across this friend of mine of Gtalk a few days back. After the usual Howdys and Happy New Years, he told me that he is in India for 2 months (from Australia) and he and his family are currently on a bride hunt. It was a very interesting and ‘enlightening’ conversation. My thoughts are in Italics.

He: I saw 5 girls. For shaadi.
Me: Ooo prospective brides…very interesting. So how did it go?
He: Hmm good. 3 were good, 2 were bad.
Me: Bad? Bad as in how?
He: You know…looks and everything.
The feminist in me roared to life at this.
Me: Looks? So what parameters are you deciding on?
He: 1. Family Oriented, 2. Traditional, 3. Education, 4. Looks.
Funny how looks come way down at 4th level but thats the 1st thing he mentioned when I asked what he meant by Bad.
Me: 1. and 2. means? Housewife material? Pooja Paath types?
He: Family Oriented. Don’t you understand English?
Me: I do but cannot comprehend meaning of this term. Could you elaborate?
He: Someone who respects my family and values.
Me: But thats so obvious na. If you respect someone’s family and values, they’ll do the same for you. C’mon, will someone actually abuse your family?
He: Bullshit. Yes, there are some girls who will not respect and its difficult. Family oriented means a girl will be part of the family in its real essence. Daughter of the house, take part in everything and mainly when time comes they take the side of family instead of anything else.
WTF! You want a life partner or a blind cow?
Me: So basically family has to be first. Even if something is against her own ethics and beliefs?
He: Yes 🙂
Happy that he has me completely convinced, he carried on about his 2 ‘fantastic’ girls.
He: I met 2 fantastic girls. One was studying MCA, second was working. Both were family oriented and very intelligent too.
Ha! How does it matter? Doesn’t seem like you want her to use her brains for anything other than operating the microwave.
Me: Great! So decided amongst them yet?
He: No. Im going to see 2 more this weekend.
Sounds like grocery shopping. Go through all the brands available in the market then select the one who saw first.
Me: Why? You already like these 2 na?
He: Ya but my family doesnt like them. They have to like them too. Its family oriented rather than self oriented. I like the girl is fundamental requirement. Everyone likes her is final requirement.
D’uh! So if your family find someone they adore but you dont like dat much, it works for you? Dude, its you who has to live with her 24×7. Your folks will see you guys maybe once in 3 years!
I wished him all the best for his bride hunt.
And had a hearty laugh. No offence to him but Im quite sure he himself had slim idea of what exactly Family oriented is supposed to mean. Just one of the cases where people use cliché without knowing what they mean.