Yaadon ka storeroom

आज  यादों का storeroom खोला

हिम्मत का पत्थर मार  के

उसका वह ज़ंग लगा टाला तोड़ा

थोड़ा घबराते हुए उस अँधेरे में कदम बढ़ाया


डर किसी अंजान का नहीं था

क्यूँकि था तोह वह अपनी ही यादों का घरोंदा

डर था उस एक संदूक से टकराने का

जिसमें कुछ लम्हों को खुद से दूर कर के रखा था

वह लम्हें जो किसी और वक़्त की याद दिलाते थे

जो कुछ मासूम ख्वाहिशों की परछाई थे

जो कुछ बेबाक़ ख्यालों को पर देते थे


मैं संभलते हुए आगे बढ़ी

एक राह पड़े सन्दूक से टकराई

थोड़ी धूल हटी, यादोँ ने थोड़ी दस्तक दी

और हिम्मत ने ज़वाब दे दिया

Revisiting memories

Some doors are best not opened


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You and Me

You and Me

came across quite unexpectedly

It seemed as if it was meant to be.

You and Me

with our own stringent set of rules

Yet all rules got ignored and broken

Without even trying to break free.

You and Me

felt an instant connection with each other.

Meeting you made me wonder

why I didn’t meet you before.

You and Me

shared our thoughts, confessed our stupidest mistakes

argued over miniscule ego issues

sweared never to talk

only to chat away next day with glee.

You and Me

it was a totally illogical and impractical combo

and it couldn’t have lasted forever

You and me

never became we.

An Apology

I owe you an apology
You know they don’t come easy with me
But I know I did wrong by you
and its only fair I bow to thee
I blamed you for things I didn’t get
Admission to that top-notch grad school
Eligibility to management entrance
A job away from home so that I could enjoy being on my own
And I specifically blamed you for messing up my love
I scorned at all who sang your glory
He does everything for a better good
Ha! Humbug. Ya I was modern Scrooge
But now I believe it all
That grad school would have been too boring
MBA wouldn’t have taught me as much as a job did
If I was away from home
I wouldn’t have been able to care for my mom
And I doubt I would have been happy with someone
who wasn’t capable of loving me the way I deserved.
So over all, you did well for me
It was hard to accept that time
and honestly, I think it’ll always be.
But atleast I can say sorry for my bad words
and thanks for staying by me 🙂 🙂 🙂


THANK YOU JINGLE for the Perfect Poet Award for Week 8 entry.
And a biiiiiiiiiig thanks and warm hug to all who nominated me. I am so very glad you liked my writing 🙂
For Week 9 nominations, I would like to nominate Meghana. Her poetry flows naturally and its fun to read. Do try it out, you would love it surely!

Here is my entry for Week 9.


He looked at her
with a hesistant smile on his face
Will she be happy to see me
or take a swap at me
thinking about latter made his blood race
She did not smack him
he was a bit relieved
but neither did she smile at him
His heart felt crushed by load of guilt
for his lady love looked hurt
Her eyes accused him of betrayal
and breaking her trust
I am sorry my love
please forgive me this time, his eyes implored
You are the only light of my life
I value you higher than the all mighty lord
She gave him a searching look
Wanting to believe him
for his sake and her own
She could see his love brimming in his eyes
and knew he would see the same
reflected in her own
His pain at seeing her disappointment
gave a her heart and soul an ecstatic surge
She saw him smile, tension leaving his face
and she realized his smile was in response to her own
They spoke to each other at length
their eyes confessing their love
and their fingers and signs professing their words.

Heaven Exists

Sound of birds chirping
Breeze rustling the leaves
Mild sunrays falling on me
You lying next to me

Who says heaven doesn’t exist

Heaven exists

I got a Perfect poet award for my Week 7 entry. THANK YOU JINGLE & everyone who nominated me 🙂 🙂 🙂

Perfect Poet Award for Week 7 from JINGLE!!!

I would like to pass on an awsome award to following 12 fellow poets whom I really enjoy reading, infact, Im in total awe of their imagination and perfection of their writing 🙂

  1. William
  2. Beth
  3. Noah
  4. Meghana
  5. Poetry Perspectives
  6. Jaymie
  7. Ishabelle
  8. Brian
  9. Shakira
  10. Kseverny
  11. Gerardine Baugh
  12. Poet Traveler

You guys TOTALLY ROCK!!!