Comfort Zone

Wikipedia defines comfort zone as “…a type of mental conditioning that causes a person to create and operate mental boundaries. Such boundaries create an unfounded sense of security.” Human beings by nature seek a comfort zone. And its true for all aspects of our life-relationships, work, our physical work n many others. About a year back I was forced to confront the fact that my life is practically ruled by laws laid down by my comfort zone in every aspect of my life. And I decided to change it- one thing at a time. I resigned from my cozy comfy job. Being in media, there is actually nothing called cozy comfy but after working on same brand for 3 years, I had a good understanding of the work with little surprises. Things ran almost on an auto pilot.

So I moved out of there and joined another company…its been 6 months and I’m still trying to find my groove here. Its scary- from a sure position to a completely unknown environment. What makes it worse is that when I was moving out, I did not think it will be this tough- I somehow assumed that there will be a ready void that I would conveniently fill in…stupid eh. But I forgot that voids are always hidden. There are days I don’t feel like going to office, there are days when I almost regret the decision and think of all the people who are comfortably working 6 years+ in same company- they don’t feel this itch…what was I thinking to leave a steady thing and move?? It all comes back to my comfort zone. It doesn’t end with you moving out of it, its inertia also tries to lure you back. You are plagued with doubts and regrets- and there is no solution to these. So far I am not giving in. Its not going the way I originally envisioned but it will work out in the end.

Comfort Zone


1 week of chill

While going through my old posts, I came across one that i wrote three years back when i had joined my last firm.
And now when I have come full circle and again in my first week of a new job I can’t help but draw parallels between the two.

My travelling has increased since my new company is a good 40 km away from home. I have to take a city metro which takes me 2 hours to reach office.
First impression was good when i got a snazzy new Thinkpad 🙂 🙂 the workstations are spacious and even the cafeteria and washrooms (big pain points of my old company) are much improved.
Its been a week and a half and i havent done any work I’m not being a lazy bum. People around me have so much to do that no one has time to brief me on anything!!
So contrary to my previous one week of grind, I had one week of super chill time.

Looking at the team, I know it’s not gonna last (and frankly its kinda boring too) but for now, I do have time to give to my blog 🙂

1 week of grind

Never ever in my life have I so looked forward to a weekend as this one. As it has less to do with festival of Holi and more with the grinding work schedule I have been following.

For past one year my mornings begin not before 10 AM (8 if I am forced to get up early) and now at 8AM, im out of my house braving the morning traffic to reach my office and leave not before 7 or even 8 PM (official time is 6PM).

1st thing I noticed on entering the cubicle sea were the almost antique machines. They horrified me more coz my last company being a start up had dazzlingly new laptops and desktops. This one being an established company had machines from the time when they got started. 😀

My so called office honeymoon period (where you just relax and observe and work without anyone blaming you for any goof ups coz you are new) lasted all of 4 hours. Then I was handed over a client to plan a campaign for and the drill began.

Everyone is so busy here as if they are runnin a country instead of a campaign. I have hardly spoken to anyone in my team for anything other than work. Lets hope it changes for better soon.

But even after all this, I am glad im here. There is so much to learn! I feel like a frog who came out of the well only to realize there is still so much of the world.

A perfect end to my 1st working week in a year is HOLI!!!!


All set to fly…Again :)


Another semester cleared. Just one more to go and it’ll be all behind me. But studying for this semester was a task no less then conquering a mountain! Seeing no activity beneath the neck it is attached to, my mind refused to work and went on a supposedly-well-earned hibernation.

And here I was…sitting @ home with a book in my hand trying to understand methods of Sales Forcasting that seemed to be printed in Latin 😦 I was @ home to study but over months, I became sooooo laid back that I cudnt even study thus defeating the primary and only purpose of me being home.

And so I decided that I simply cannot wait till end of my 4th semester and i just have to, have to get a job right away. Or else, chances of me doing 4th semester forver (!) are quite ripe.

And today Im done with my 3rd semester. Job hunt begins tomorrow 🙂

Taking A Break

I think writing a blog suits me…everytime i start a new blog, I end up resigning from my existing job! And thats a good thing coz no point being stuck in something you dont like. Maybe blogging about even mundane things kinda clears out my thoughts and i think rationally 🙂

but the crux is that I RESIGNED.

All those with your eyes either rolling out of the sockets or going up in your skulls, take a walk. Yesss i resigned even in these though-to-get-a-job times. And please dont gimme the looks like my mom used to when I dint eat my veggies @ age 6. “You dont value it and thats y you are throwing it away. Think of the kids who dont have it!?!”

Notice period: 1 week. Ideally its 15 days but since I aint managing any current campaigns since my job profile change ( which actually happened coz there wrnt any projects to manage), so 1 week was enough ending this Friday.

Though it has been only 1 year and 6 months working here, it is unlikely that i would find another company like this one. Where else would you find 15 people working in a bare and barren room with just some work stations thrown in.

No dress code issues. Even our CFO used to dress in Jeans and mojaris on Mondays! Infact all those people who were looking for a job now are in a mess coz they have to wear formals…some of them dont even any formals left with  them! 😀

And work from home option available. Bottom line: As long as work is not hampered, noone cared what you did and how you did.

Freedom to the core.

It was not much of parties every weekend kinda office but we had our times like a party @ RPM, a potluck (or pool lunch as it is usually known) which we organised followed by Dumb Charades (that got some amazing pics too;)).

<sigh> Too bad they had to change my profile and put in me SALES! I am everything but a sales person…IMpatience is my middle name (also add stubborn, easily bugged etc.). I tried it but it simply wasnt working out so now I am on a cool break…and might as well brush some dirt off those PGDBA books that I got for my distance learning course.

Hang on…having a lot of time means you’ll get lot of posts from me. 😀

Saying Goodbye

Saying Goodbye