Misplaced Belief

Its thick branches bent in submission by gravity

Were coming towards me

To bless me or to curse me, I didn’t know

Towering over everything around it

Nature, Man and God alike

It intimidated with its stature and spread

And all bowed to it

Praying for it to save them from evil

And deliver their wishes

Bestowed with scarlet vermillion threads

It stood strong secure in its power over the mankind

As if challenging the very nature

It was a bitter monsoon morning,

After a night of roaring thunder

A sound of commotion drove me out

Anxious voices filled with dejection and sorrow

Were moving in a direction

I followed

That banyan tree that was their savior

That fulfilled their wishes

Had bowed down to nature’s attack

Burned by Zeus’s lightening thunder

It was hollow

I felt the same.


Banyan Tree


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Yaadon ka storeroom

आज  यादों का storeroom खोला

हिम्मत का पत्थर मार  के

उसका वह ज़ंग लगा टाला तोड़ा

थोड़ा घबराते हुए उस अँधेरे में कदम बढ़ाया


डर किसी अंजान का नहीं था

क्यूँकि था तोह वह अपनी ही यादों का घरोंदा

डर था उस एक संदूक से टकराने का

जिसमें कुछ लम्हों को खुद से दूर कर के रखा था

वह लम्हें जो किसी और वक़्त की याद दिलाते थे

जो कुछ मासूम ख्वाहिशों की परछाई थे

जो कुछ बेबाक़ ख्यालों को पर देते थे


मैं संभलते हुए आगे बढ़ी

एक राह पड़े सन्दूक से टकराई

थोड़ी धूल हटी, यादोँ ने थोड़ी दस्तक दी

और हिम्मत ने ज़वाब दे दिया

Revisiting memories

Some doors are best not opened


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A new beginning

As I near the end, a sense of foreboding envelops me.
Do I even remember a life without it?

You are living in the past, a voice said to me
What you are fearing is already on you,
and what you are loathe to leave is already behind you.
You know it already
All that is required is for you to accept it
How can that be, I argued my point.
If you hadn’t
 already moved on,
if you weren’t healed already
You would have been torn apart by thinking the possibility of
living without what you have lived with so far.
The end is not near, this is the end.
And tomorrow is the new beginning.

Of a new life with new dreams and hopes.



You and Me

You and Me

came across quite unexpectedly

It seemed as if it was meant to be.

You and Me

with our own stringent set of rules

Yet all rules got ignored and broken

Without even trying to break free.

You and Me

felt an instant connection with each other.

Meeting you made me wonder

why I didn’t meet you before.

You and Me

shared our thoughts, confessed our stupidest mistakes

argued over miniscule ego issues

sweared never to talk

only to chat away next day with glee.

You and Me

it was a totally illogical and impractical combo

and it couldn’t have lasted forever

You and me

never became we.

An Apology

I owe you an apology
You know they don’t come easy with me
But I know I did wrong by you
and its only fair I bow to thee
I blamed you for things I didn’t get
Admission to that top-notch grad school
Eligibility to management entrance
A job away from home so that I could enjoy being on my own
And I specifically blamed you for messing up my love
I scorned at all who sang your glory
He does everything for a better good
Ha! Humbug. Ya I was modern Scrooge
But now I believe it all
That grad school would have been too boring
MBA wouldn’t have taught me as much as a job did
If I was away from home
I wouldn’t have been able to care for my mom
And I doubt I would have been happy with someone
who wasn’t capable of loving me the way I deserved.
So over all, you did well for me
It was hard to accept that time
and honestly, I think it’ll always be.
But atleast I can say sorry for my bad words
and thanks for staying by me 🙂 🙂 🙂