A month down


Its been a month already since I started working again. Life has been super busy with me putting in close to 10-11 hours atleast daily. For those who find it surprising, lemme tell u its a pretty normal work behaviour in Indian corporates. Add to it the uncertainties and forever changing environment of a marketing agency and you have a job with no timelines…its not for the faint hearted for sure 😀

I loved it. The adrenaline rush before making a campaign live, the chaos of negotiating things with 10 people and those last minute deals…I loved it all. I still love it. It was just difficult getting back to it all after a year. More so coz the scale of operations in my current company is bigger than what I did @ my last one.

But though its been only a month, I am already missing out on a few things. And formost is my blogging. 😦 😦 😦 So much so that I didnt even notice passing Thursday and thereby missed out on participating in Jingle’s Thursday Poets Rally.

I miss reading…there are 4 books lying with me that I just don’t get time and energy to pick up and read.

Anyhow, hopefully I would come around to some kinda schedule that would help me get the best of both worlds.


6 thoughts on “A month down

  1. we have to prioritise and you are doing that, we will always be here, dont worry you are a great writer out of sight does not mean out of mind 🙂

  2. I’m glad that you like the new job,my dear friend!!
    I can wait to find one me too!
    I like the way you express your feelings.
    I wait next post 😉

    Take care!!! 🙂

  3. Well you can see the drop in frequency of my posts ever since I started working 2 months back…the only thing I write now is official emails..loads of em lol

    All the best for your job hunt 🙂

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