Hating you

You said I simply can never hate you
If only you knew how much I do hate you
How much I have always hated you.
Hate you for storming into my life,
and smashing down all my defences
making me vulnerable to you.
You hurt me so many times
I did not retaliate
thinking YOU would be hurt.
Still you accuse ME of hurting you!
imagine if I wanted, what all I could have done.
Hate you for making me feel so much for you
I cannot leave you when your life is not all rosy
Cannot see you all alone, so sad and gloomy
And so I am right beside you just in case you need me
And I will stay even though it kills me
Till the time I can’t anymore
or till the time you don’t need me anymore
But till then I will hate you
for making me love you so much
that I put you before me.
Does that make me a doormat?

Ok this is not exactly a poem but it’s something I just wanted to take out.


14 thoughts on “Hating you

  1. Heartbreak and unrequited love … I think there is not one person on the face of this earth that does not understand of what you speak. Miserable with him. Miserable without him.
    Life goes on, though, and brings better things!!

    Lovely, thought-provoking words, D.!
    Hugs to you … and if this is about you
    … more hugs to you!

  2. i loved it..
    I’m passing thru the same phase right now and i had lots of thoughts rushing thru my head.
    If i did write about it one day so i guess the credit must go to you. Because your poem made me realize what is obvious in my life..

    Thank you 🙂

  3. Cottagegirl: So true indeed. Glad you liked it. Like most of the stuff I write, this is not completely about me. 🙂

    William: Thank you so much 🙂

    Jingle: Thanks dear 🙂 I guess letting it go is something Im not capable of. I just hope it slips through me like sand 🙂

    Nanno1982: I hope you have more courage and conviction to break the ties and move on with life than I did 🙂 The day you write about it would be the day I would think you are completely healed. 🙂 🙂

    Neeraj: True buddy 🙂 Coz its either hate him or hate yourself for being so much in love with him 😀 So the choice is quite clear 😀

  4. Very emotional poem Datsme.

    Heartbreak and unrequited love are reccurring themes of the human experiences.

    I have move past unrequited love, for the most part, ever since that 7th grade vixen Margret dumped me. 🙂

    I can’t think of a more wasteful emotion than hate, perhaps guilt.

    I think we can mark human progress by the degree with which we are able to rise above hate.

  5. Doubtful poet: True. and to some extent, a necessary phase to pass through.

    Edfromct: That is so right indeed. A strong emotion like hate and guilt drains out life energy from you. You should be able to move on.

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