The Other Woman

He loved her. I don’t know why but yes he did. And she loved him too.  That I could understand. He was everything a girl dreams of in her fantasy man, everything a woman wants in her husband. Her was perfection personified. How could anyone not love such a man!

But they couldn’t be together.


Because he was married. He had a wife and he had a kid. He had committed himself to a woman and vowed to take care and be faithful to her till the end of time. His parents, the society, O hell, he expected himself to stand by his commitments. And so they decided to part.

I’m sure he wished he had met her before he got married, before he had the onus and responsibility of his decision affecting an innocent child.

She must have also wished she met him before he was someone elses. Bearing the tag of  ‘another woman’ is an unsurmountable pain.

I also wished they had met before…before he married me.

He was my husband.

I am the woman he stood by all his life and gave up his chance of being with his love. Because I was his responsibility, his commitment, mother of his child.

You would say I was very lucky to be married to a man with such high moral principals. After all, how many men stand by their wedding vows and their commitments? I should have thanked my guardian angel gazillion times.

No. I hated it.  For every day that I had spent married to him, I died a thousand deaths.

I was with the man I loved but he did not love me! For him I was a responsibility and his commitment. He was being true to me coz he wanted to be true to himself. He was nice and kind to me and I couldn’t stand it. I longed to see the love that shone in his eyes for her, for me. There was kindness and even respect for me but I was not his love. I hated him for this and hated myself for being so shallow. So many times I wished to free him of this suffocating relationship but again our child  and his innocence stopped me.

For the world, we were the perfect couple and I was the ideal woman who snatched her husband and her family from the clutches of another woman. I had the perfect life.

But for me, she had the perfect life. She had the love of the man she loved and she did not need anything else. In my eyes, I was the ‘another woman’.

She never married anyone. I used to see her in public functions that we attended together and I could see her drinking the sight of him (of course discreetly). He never looked at her again but I know he was aware of hers. Coz during those times, he did not see me too.

His decision extracted a heavy price from both of us. From him, his love. From me, my integrity and self-respect.

When he died, I looked at his lifeless body, holding his hand, waiting for pain of his loss to hit me but I felt…numb.

There was no sorrow of loosing him because he was never mine to loose.

Instead I felt relieved.

For myself.

For him.

For her.

She died a few months after his death. Our souls were now free of all the chains and shackles.

Husband, Wife and Her???

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20 thoughts on “The Other Woman

  1. is it a fiction?
    If it is about you, then I feel sorry that you have experienced this….
    love can change,
    it is hard to get over when this hurting experience occurs, beautiful story,
    the freedom is earned but two precious and loving lives are gone…

    I am in it and love your gift on writing it,
    Happy Monday!

  2. The same question like Jingle.
    I hope that it rest just a simple story.I wasn’t stopped reading. It’s captivating.Very touching and also very sad 😦 Life is full of surprises sometimes.
    Thank you or share it with us.

    Take care! 🙂

  3. Yes it is COMPLETE FICTION 🙂

    Doubtful poet: Glad you liked it 🙂

    Jingle: Thank you 🙂 My first attempt at story writing. thank you for the kind words 🙂

    William: Yes it is fiction and glad you liked it 🙂

    2a24: I hope so too that I never have to go through anything like this…ever. thanks for your encouraging words.

    Richajn: I’ll let you in a secret Richa…that was my inspiration. Saw an award show on TV last night and saw Jaya on it. Decided to write from her angle 🙂

  4. Nice story…Am glad you started to write stories as well… I mean, after sometimes it’s better to say thing as a story rather than as ur random rants…Good going… 🙂

  5. Please don’t make it your first and last attempt of story writing 🙂
    We want more of those amazing stories.
    I did love it that i felt my heart just stopped at the moment i read “…before he married me.” 🙂

  6. WOW..I adore this!
    So moving yet so loving.
    So loving yet so sad.
    A good attempt.
    You can see how really good it is as it seems REAL to most of us.
    First story? Congratulations!

  7. Powerful writing! I was totally caught up in the emotions of the story.
    Whew … I’m glad that it did not happen to you!

    Looking forward to your posts of the fair you just attended!!!

  8. Well I should say – hats off!
    The “other woman’s” view – I never thought like that one. Brilliant and seriously i am honest about it.:)

    and too add something – this is fiction, i know. But is this some thing like – what the future would have been – with you as the —-r.

  9. Bakfire: Lemme write a couple of more before branding me a story teller.
    And no, my future would not have been like this, i would not have been the —r. 🙂

    Tasneem: Its totally fiction 🙂

  10. Brilliantly written. I can totally feel the pain of both women, when I read the blog..And whats more, its like you have given words to an idea lurking somewhere in my head,unknown even to me- the total credit to your writing 🙂

  11. DB: You are very kind DB, thank you so much.

    Ms. Chill Pill: Good to see you back after so long. It seemed like you were in exile 😀 And thank you for your encouragement.

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