Family Oriented Bride

Weddings are in the air. People are getting hitched left, right and centre. Initially I thought it was only me but a quick poll among my Facebook buddies told me its with everyone. Everyone around everyone is getting married! Kinda spooky, isn’t it 😀

I came across this friend of mine of Gtalk a few days back. After the usual Howdys and Happy New Years, he told me that he is in India for 2 months (from Australia) and he and his family are currently on a bride hunt. It was a very interesting and ‘enlightening’ conversation. My thoughts are in Italics.

He: I saw 5 girls. For shaadi.
Me: Ooo prospective brides…very interesting. So how did it go?
He: Hmm good. 3 were good, 2 were bad.
Me: Bad? Bad as in how?
He: You know…looks and everything.
The feminist in me roared to life at this.
Me: Looks? So what parameters are you deciding on?
He: 1. Family Oriented, 2. Traditional, 3. Education, 4. Looks.
Funny how looks come way down at 4th level but thats the 1st thing he mentioned when I asked what he meant by Bad.
Me: 1. and 2. means? Housewife material? Pooja Paath types?
He: Family Oriented. Don’t you understand English?
Me: I do but cannot comprehend meaning of this term. Could you elaborate?
He: Someone who respects my family and values.
Me: But thats so obvious na. If you respect someone’s family and values, they’ll do the same for you. C’mon, will someone actually abuse your family?
He: Bullshit. Yes, there are some girls who will not respect and its difficult. Family oriented means a girl will be part of the family in its real essence. Daughter of the house, take part in everything and mainly when time comes they take the side of family instead of anything else.
WTF! You want a life partner or a blind cow?
Me: So basically family has to be first. Even if something is against her own ethics and beliefs?
He: Yes 🙂
Happy that he has me completely convinced, he carried on about his 2 ‘fantastic’ girls.
He: I met 2 fantastic girls. One was studying MCA, second was working. Both were family oriented and very intelligent too.
Ha! How does it matter? Doesn’t seem like you want her to use her brains for anything other than operating the microwave.
Me: Great! So decided amongst them yet?
He: No. Im going to see 2 more this weekend.
Sounds like grocery shopping. Go through all the brands available in the market then select the one who saw first.
Me: Why? You already like these 2 na?
He: Ya but my family doesnt like them. They have to like them too. Its family oriented rather than self oriented. I like the girl is fundamental requirement. Everyone likes her is final requirement.
D’uh! So if your family find someone they adore but you dont like dat much, it works for you? Dude, its you who has to live with her 24×7. Your folks will see you guys maybe once in 3 years!
I wished him all the best for his bride hunt.
And had a hearty laugh. No offence to him but Im quite sure he himself had slim idea of what exactly Family oriented is supposed to mean. Just one of the cases where people use cliché without knowing what they mean.

6 thoughts on “Family Oriented Bride

  1. hmmm maybe he’s a jerk, maybe he’s just bad at expressing his thoughts…dunno which…but getting hitched ain’t a simple thing…especially when u got to go see girls/ guys…its the most unnatural way of deciding on ure life mate…

    anyways each to themselves

  2. thesanelyinsane: I don’t know what he is..honestly dont know him that much. And ya true, deciding on a life partner this way is unnatural but then its a time honoured and proven thing.

    DB: Hilarious for those looking from outside…one who is going through it, nothing less than hell 😀

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