Secret gives rise to curiosity.
Is it bad? Yes, considering its said to have killed a cat.
But wasnt it the lure of the secret of the apple
that led to apparent downfall of Eve and actually gave birth to human race.
Where would you and I be, if anywhere if it wasnt for curious Eve sinking her teeth in the forbidden fruit.
Mona Lisa smiles and the world wonders why
Is there a secret to her alluring smile? Does she know something that I dont.
We want to know it all. And especially what we are told we shouldn’t know.
Such is a lure of a secret.
Pursuing it can give you acute insomnia
Unrevealing it gives a high like hitting a jackpot.
It gives a feeling of achievement and
ofcourse a boost to ever-present self ego.
But some secrets are best hidden
for revealing them can bring disasters, uproot the life as we know
maybe for one, maybe for all
But then….isn’t that the biggest lure of all?

6 thoughts on “Secret

  1. the moment you reveal the secrets, they lose their importance of being a secret. and thats why i liked the line – “secrets are best kept secrets” ๐Ÿ™‚

    and dukh hua mera blog tere blog-roll main na dekh ke ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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