All set to fly…Again :)


Another semester cleared. Just one more to go and it’ll be all behind me. But studying for this semester was a task no less then conquering a mountain! Seeing no activity beneath the neck it is attached to, my mind refused to work and went on a supposedly-well-earned hibernation.

And here I was…sitting @ home with a book in my hand trying to understand methods of Sales Forcasting that seemed to be printed in Latin 😦 I was @ home to study but over months, I became sooooo laid back that I cudnt even study thus defeating the primary and only purpose of me being home.

And so I decided that I simply cannot wait till end of my 4th semester and i just have to, have to get a job right away. Or else, chances of me doing 4th semester forver (!) are quite ripe.

And today Im done with my 3rd semester. Job hunt begins tomorrow πŸ™‚


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