He saw the calender for the nth time. Today’s date was circled months back and he had been eagerly crossing out a date every preceding day and finally it was today. He was smiling. But then he had been smiling the whole day much to chagrin of his colleagues in office.

Will she remember? Nah.  She isn’t the remembering the dates kind. But then it’ll be great to remind her. But I wont show as if I’m desperate to celebrate. I’ll just casually mention it in between conversation. As if I just remembered.

Wishing he could see her face instead of only hearing her, he called her.

She: Hey wassup?

He: Nothing much…you tell me, how was your day?

She: *sigh* Dont ask. Too busy. I dont even wanna talk about it…blah blah blah

So went on for 15 minutes. All amidst it, he was trying to find dat perfect opening to suprise her ‘casually’. And he finally got it.

She: …Damn its already 20th August yaar…I cant believe August is near end.

He: (Yessss) Its 20th August today?

She: Yup

He: Hey i just remembered. We met 4 years back for the first time!


Why isnt she saying anything? Ah! ofcourse she is remembering that time, dat day. Isnt dats what i have been doing since morning. Living all dos beautiful memorable times we spent together. 🙂  I hope she isnt feeling guilty for forgetting. Dont I know her. Its a habit with her to forget dates.

He: Hey you there?

She laughs. Laughs. Laughs and laughs some more. O my gawd dude!

He: What?

She: You know so many times you remind me of that crazy nerdy from Dil Chahta Hai! You know the one that played Sonali Kulkarni’s boyfriend? I mean cmon…you actually remember that date!!??!! What are you gonna do next…tell me the time we said Hello?

And laughter continues.



3 thoughts on “Anniversary

  1. ouch..!

    some people are devoid of sentiments… and some are over obsessed..

    this case it was surprising that it was the guy who usually this dept. belongs to the girls.. and felt good.. but the girl’s reaction… well… ok…… she doesn’t feel it was that imp to remeber the date..ok.. but could have respected the guy’s feelings..

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