It is one of those perfect moments of life when if granted a wish, I couldn’t seem to have anything to ask for. I looked around saw serenity and peace of my contented soul reflected in the world. People looked; awe mixed with envy. Some admire. Some envy. And the moment the odd fear of loosing it all strikes, I pushed it away and sighed, “Its Perfect. Just perfect.”


And in place of the perfection I was proud of, I was facing ruins. It was as if my dreams were materialized for a nano second and then wiped off as an evil joke. I looked around desperately for something that can be rescued, something that spoke of some hope, some life…but I found none.

As someone who believed the phrase, ‘Everything happens for a reason’, I searched for a reason, a logic, a tell-tale sign I must have missed. Why? Why me? What went wrong? What did I do wrong? Wasn’t it perfect? I felt so. Everyone said so. Then why?

And then someone came up behind me and said which left me bewildered and speechless. It was too good to last for long. It had to get jinxed.


6 thoughts on “Jinxed

  1. “It was too good to last for long. It had to get jinxed. ”
    That’s the kind of a sentence that leaves you thinking for long after you finish reading..

    Great ending and good piece..

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