Women work for fun?

Had a conversation with a friend on Gtalk that got me thinking. Posting the excerpt here. Lets call him V.

V: So hows work scene at your end?

Me: Its on hold as of now. Will take up a job again once Im done with my PGDBA. Dats like another few months maybe.

V: Lucky to be a girl. You can take off from work; we cannot.

Me: Hmmm ya i guess that’s a liberty I’ll enjoy all my life hopefully.

V: All girls have this choice. They work for fun while we work to earn.

That got me wear my thinking cap. Is this really a universal truth? I agree that women are never considered bread winners of the family. At the max they can support the family income but never the provider of the family.But then there are places like Mumbai, Bangalore and all that are soo expensive its difficult to sustain on a single person’s income and they DO need working women. But then that seems to be a rarity considering the masses which think otherwise.

But then this attitude stems out of the patriarchal roots of our society. Does that mean that her job should be considered nothing more than a hobby? Which can be easily given up when something ‘important’ comes up in the family (as often happens, like having a child or someone gravely ill in the family needing full time attendance)? What if she earns more than her husband? Will then too she would be expected to give up her job for the better good of the family?

So many times I have heard people say that they are so well to-do that their women i.e. daughters, wives, mothers etc. dont need to work. They can easily sit at home and take care of the house. While this statement in itself is quite crass, it does help point out the inference that women who work need to work!

Its irritating this biased attitude towards women and their work.


6 thoughts on “Women work for fun?

  1. Yes – I couldn’t agree with you more. Thanks for pointing this out, and so eloquently. As I’ve often told people, “I need to work, and not just for money.”

  2. Thanks clockwatcher…but u know what, ders another thing I hear from people when I point this out to them..”You wont understand. You are a girl yourself!”

    PS: Next time, I would like you to leave your blog address 🙂

  3. To be honest…this bias you are talking about is not withour basis. Its usually the guys who earn…so as a matter of extension of a known fact, it is assumed that girl’s job is a hobby.
    But that should never be a generalization.
    Everyone is a winner or rather bread winner for his own existence.
    Time will come when girls will get their dues…
    But dont they alreay do.. 😉

  4. I simply second your opinion , Men fail to realise that we can work as well look after family ..

    They can just think one way …

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