Not alone in shower

Sorry for tacky/corny title…just cudnt come up with anything better ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

This is about a time when I had an audience while I was taking a shower.

Ok this happened few months back @ my native place in Aligarh. Its been ages since I went there…the place was practically in ruins with the gardens and even the cemented path almost consumed by nature…it was almost like a forest in the middle of a concrete jungle.

Thanks to buoyant Sun god and stifling heat of a house that had been closed forย  better partย  of a year, I was looking forward to a cool bath. Water cut problem also added to my anxiety. So come morning and I ran towards the bathroom lest someone should beat me to it. As it happened, I was not the first one to reach; he was already there though I dint see him unless I had bolted the door. I looked @ him but he seemed preoccupied. Should I leave? Or should I carry on? He hasn’t noticed me yet so quite possible that he may not notice me at all. While it dint really do much to my female ego, it wasnt something I couldn’t live with.

So I carried on with my shower, all the while keeping an eye on him. I was of mind that in case he makes any nasty moves I scream my lungs out. But it never came to that. While I was enjoying my shower, he was busy trying to figure out a way out of the bathroom. Finally I was done and after dressing up, I moved out but not before he eagerly hopped into a nearby flowing water lane.

It was a FROG that had somehow got trapped inside the bathroom…And NO, I did not try to kiss him and turn him into a prince ๐Ÿ˜€


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