When I started this blog, it was meant to be a anonymous identity…I aimed to keep this blog away from people whom I know personally. Not that I was planning to bitch about them on my blog but simply coz I did not want to entertain any queries regarding my blog posts by people. You know they have habit of coming to you and asking, “Hey who was that you wrote about? Was it Mr. X? It surely sounded like him.”

So for all and sundry, I had given up blogging, my old blog abandoned (I didn’t have heart to kill it 😦 ) and I was happy.


Oye tell me one thing? Are you writing some other blog? I cam across one and I am sure its yours. I knew it reading first 2 lines only. Wont, Dint, Heya…all these typically you words.

Its no help that the person concerned gets a smart paycheck  for surfing internet all day that too mainly all these social networking sites and blogs. He is definitely good @ his work.

Meanwhile my secret is out and he is practically gloating…lolz


9 thoughts on “Caught!

  1. So u r not giving any hint huh……but I did get the msg hidden inbetween….come on gimme a clue 😀

    Based on everythingU have written I have an idea but just not very sure.

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