Fighting fat

Heya, im back. sorry for the super long delays but they just…happen. Meanwhile, i have been busy studying trying to pack 1 semester in 1 month. plan to take 2nd semster exams in July 1st week. Nothing else is happening @ my end really.

Actually there is something…I have been battling something terrible since past one year and its only now that I have finally gone up in arms against it…and that is my EVER INCREASING WEIGHT.

First some background…I was never a super skinny child but neither was I a chubby kiddo. I was what you would call NORMAL. Ironically while most of the people face these baby fat issues in their teens, this fatty terrorist aimed for me after I was out of my teens! Durig my teens, however I did face some weight fluctuations but nothing that couldn’t be taken care of by some miniscule amount of physical activity included in my routine. That kinda put me in a false security and I started neglecting any increase in my weight thinking that I can make it vanish anytime I want to. Ofcourse having a deskjob with fornightly pizza parties and outings also gave in their 2 cents. 

And before I knew it, I was huuuuuuge! The pile of clothes I had outgrown started growing and I slept long hours like a hibernating animal. Side effects of this major weight gain came in form of my erratic monthly cycles, swelling in my feet and this resulted in nastier mood swings.

Ofcourse mood swings came in form of things like when I have to leave a sinfully pretty outfit coz it doesn’t fit me! Or my office friends started including me in their fatso jokes! One of my all time fav belts didn’t fit me! I mean..dat was THE limit!! Scared I even ran thyroid and diabetes tests and thankfully everything came out normal (Phewwww!) so now finally the only thing left is me and my ever growing weight. And I statrted doing the most basic thing that I had never done before…I started drinking water! I was a camel…do you know in winters, days would go by without me drinking a single glass of water! Summers mein bhi it was mostly 1 glass a day type. Over years it surely made a mess of

So finally I am drinking water, having half an hour long walks and a lil bit excercise. I realzed that getting up in the morning is soo not my thing…but I am getting there. Hope to get rid of this flab ASAP.

Pray for me 🙂


8 thoughts on “Fighting fat

  1. i too am or should i say was like you when it comes to water.. never had much.

    but i don’t see that affecting my weight. how just drinking more water will help you lose weight..?

    it can give you a sense of fullness for time being but i can’t see any furter use..

    Exercise is the key. walk.. walk.. walk… 🙂

  2. my friend kept a bet with us all that he would loose 15 kg in 2 months otherwise he would take us all to a hill station down in south…not only did he loose 15 kg …dude put those exercise hours training for CAT and he is going to join IIM C this month or so….double bonanza!!! ..u can try keeping a dare with us ..wassay???

  3. Oorja: Water helps in de-toxifying your body…otherwise, it tends to retain everything inside and bloats up.

    Bakfire: Wont work for me..i hog like mad when I am studying for some enterance exam.

  4. it is a tuff thing to do…

    for one…stop looking at the weighing machine

    next identify ure most fav snack foods…then set yourself a budget…no more than so much per day or every third day

    set ureself an exercise regimen

    lastly hire ureself a person hand them a cane…nothing works better 😛

  5. Either you make time for exercising today or make time in your schedule tomorrow, for illness. 😉 Great that people have started realising the same.

  6. Thesanelyinsane: Weighing machine is something i have always avoided. Even now my dont-fit-me-anymore clothes nl flash the danger sign. I dont know my weight 🙂

    Dev: Making tme for excercising is no an issue. problem is doing it regularly. 😦

  7. I was going thru some of my old posts & saw ur link… have u been????

    So after abt 4 months now how much have u lost???
    Weight gain is my problem too….after leaving my job I’ve gained more. Anyways planning to start more seriously once the weather cools down 😦
    Wish I had a friend with whom I cd do it with coz I know then I’d be more motivated.

  8. Hey Nancy, missed ur comments gal 😦 Where have u been?
    My stars are against me. I had a good start with yoga and walk but then I caught some kinda toe infection and everything came to a standstill…and now im back to where i started from 😦 😦 😦

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