Love happens ONCE!?!

Hum ek baar jeete hain
ek baar marte hain
shaadi bhi ek hi baar hoti hai
aur pyaar bhi ek hi baar hota hai

Remember these lines from Karan Johar’s Kuch Kuch Hota Hai? Im sure you do. I was just thinking about the practicality of this quote. While the shaadi part is definitely redundant, what about the Magic word love? L-O-V-E?

There are many who firmly believe that falling in love is a once in a lifetime experience. It can never be repeated. Some even have logic for it: They say that you gave in all that you had in you for that person. So its impossible that you can be love again.

Dunno about you but it surely scares me big time. What I can infer from this is that you since you fall in love only once, you better prey that you get the love of your life coz if you do not get him/her, then there is absolutely no hope for you! YOU ARE DOOMED! 😦 😦 And that is so not fair!

While you can never love another person same way, you can have sort of a liking-affectionate type of relationships… but never that real love thingie. So basically this love thing sounds like a sure path to devastation land coz the stakes are soo very high! I mean if you get your happily-ever-after, well and good but if you dont and I think stats say that majority falls in this category, then you should be prepared to lead a sorta unfulfilled life?

I read somewhere that there are many people you can be happy with but only one who is truly your match.



11 thoughts on “Love happens ONCE!?!

  1. SRK did say so but in the same movie he marries twice. so either he didn’t love Rani or he didn’t love Kajol…!

    love can happen more than once.. our hearts are big enough….

  2. If he/she isnt the right guy then i guess it wasnt love at all in the first place.
    And living the rest of your life – atleast you are living in those sweet memories. Better than never finding your love at all!!!!!!

  3. Oorja: Oo cud I forget the climax of the movie! And ya even I believe that…but then will it be same as before?

    Bakfire: Who said anything about the guy/gal being wrong? As for the memories, dont you think they hurt more then they make you smile?

    Spectator: Optimism is the way to be πŸ™‚

  4. naah… happens all the time…its just that love comes across differently every time you see it…..and that is why you cant really see him once you already have….:P…talk about screwy logic….

  5. i believe love can happen more than once………..but i dont want to become emotionally dependent on the person whom i love………..if u become so the pain will be greater when u break up………that is my exp……sorry if i am becoming phil0sofic…….

  6. Raj: Hmmm…interesting and like u said, a wee bit screwy πŸ˜€

    Fireblade: Rite but my experience says u just cannot help getting emotionally dependent.

  7. Love is actually a sort of upward glance. And don’t we look upwards more than once?
    We do. πŸ™‚
    But to compare all the loves a person has fallen, would be wrong.
    A person may love someone with X feelings. But when this person falls for someone else, it would not be with feeling X.
    It would be with Y, Z and so on.
    Feelings can never be same. Never.
    If you want a verdict – Yes, a person CAN fall in love more than once*

    *=Condition Apply

  8. Love at different stages in our lives feels differently. The way u fall in love in ur teens is not the way u fall in love in ur thirties or ur fifties or ur seventies.

    I firmly believe that it is possible to fall in love again…..but we must open our hearts & minds to the possibilities.

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