Small town charm

This post has been pending since long time…seeds sown since January or maybe even earlier.

I have spent exactly half of my life till date in Delhi now and before that previous half in a small industrial town. All these years I had almost forgotten what being in a small town (or rather, NOT a sprawling metropolitan) is like. In fact, I was so much used to the luxuries offered by Delhi, I claimed I won’t ever be able to stay in any other city. Well that still remains to be tested.

I remember when I came to Delhi in early 1990s, I hated everything about it. I hated the noise and the pollution used to water my eyes (those were pre-CNG drive days). I couldn’t sleep at night coz of all sorta sounds coming through the walls. Walls here were for the sole purpose of dividing 2 rooms so being exceptionally thin, you could hear anyone walking or furniture being dragged and all. Everything was too far and it took ages to go anywhere.

One thing that I found most weird amogst all this  was that somehow the days seemed shorter.Took me years to realize that was coz of the pace of life here.

Then years went by and I got used to things around me. Multiplexes, gorging on butter popcorns with large cans of cold drinks, huge shops and markets, availability of everything, Mc Donalds (Once it was nothing less den heaven for me), pizza (I ate one here for the 1st time), exclusive shops for ice-creams etc. Some of the things were part of the economic growth too but somehow I ended up associating all dat with the charm of Metro.

But then I know there are a few things that I miss living in Delhi

I miss seeing rain fall on vast, lush green landscape or atleast some open space. Here I can only see it with the background of another multi-storied building.

A clear star studded sky is a thing of past. Thanks to all the lights  and pollution blocking away all the view.

I saw a butterfly after almost a decade on my trip to Allahabad!

Other then all these scenic beauties, what I miss at times is the easy pace of life. People are not living by their watch all the time. They have time to sit and read newspaper at length, stop on the way and talk to an acquaintance, stroll after evening cup of tea. It’s amazing how its possible der but not here since everywhere day is only 24 hrs long!

You actually live every moment coz it strolls by you and not zips pass. Its soo very peaceful 🙂

But I guess every place has its own pros and cons. At the end of the day, its all about how measure them.


6 thoughts on “Small town charm

  1. i’ve lived in all kinds of towns from faizabad (near ayodhya) to the infamous mumbai and delhi to the cosmopolitan but sweet pune…

    hmm now u made me remember those days…i’m in noida now…i still get the small town feeling early in the morning when only few people are awake…and u can actually feel the peace and calm 🙂

  2. Bakfire: Hmmm dats one way to console urself

    Sanelyinsane: Small town feeling in Noida!!??!! Im surprised. To me noida looks like more of a khichdi, a mix of both worlds retaining individuality of none.

  3. Your post makes me get the feeling of “been there, done that”.
    Have spent quite a time in Delhi. But I am not there now. I miss those ‘smellingly polluted’ days of Delhi a lot. 😉
    And you have made a really correct point. “The days seem shorter there.”
    The pace there is really fasciniating…really. It sall about how fast we can move.
    But I have spent time in small places as well. Which helped me a lot in realising that life is not just about running.
    Its about standing there, waiting. Feeling the existence of the nature. Feeling and inhaling life.
    Oh man…its awesome.
    City life and otherwise…Both are something to be experienced. Really.

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