Next is what? ME!!

Ya I said in my post that I will be writing and reading lot of blogs n all and I admit..I dint. But u know why? Coz my plan to attend my sister’s wedding CAME THROUGH! So I went to be with her on her big day πŸ™‚

Confession time: I was not very keen to attend dis wedding. Partly coz I was (sorry…I AM) too conscious of my weight gain and wanted to avoid all dos “OMG! What happened to you!?! How come you got so fat!” blah blah blah. And partly coz I knew what would be the second line of conversation with regards to me- “You are Next gal πŸ˜‰ ”

My cousin is just a year older den me. So far all such subtle and not-so-subtle references for my wedding bowled @ me used to be conveniently passed on to her. “Arrey abhi toh di is to get married. Then I’ll think abt it

But now im directly in the line of fire. And boy was it hell or what! For a minute there I actually thought maybe my jumbo size will deter any such references but HA! High hopes. IT was like the whole family was up in arms against me. They were talking more about my not-happening-wedding then the one they were attending!

I was washing my sister’s hair since she had mehndi on her hands. “Do it with all your heart gal…one who serves the bride gets married very fast” And here I thought you need only a shampoo and conditioner for a good hair wash!

ACCIDENTALLY my sister’s haldi stained my foot soles. “Wow! Now toh we’ll get your wedding card very soon. Bride’s haldi is a very good omen” Eh!?! Excuse me…isn’t it when the haldi stains your palm??

And other then all this were the random incidences like

Hey! you must dance today yaar. She (my sister) performed on bhaiyaa’s wedding a year back and see what luck it got her! So its only fair that you perform @ her wedding” Ya sure! I wud rather burn and bury my dancing shoes forever! What crappy logic.

And how could I have gone away without a gyaan session. And to think I actually walked into the tiger’s den myself! I thought maybe I can explain my point so that all this can end once and for all…and my point was not that I DO NOT want to marry..simply that I need some time. Another 2 years maybe. But instead of an understanding nod (how silly of me to expect that), i got a gasp saying, “26! dat’ll be too late! See there is a reason why we all are asking you to get married…..” I mentally blocked myself from there on so dont remember what was the grand logic. IS 26 TOO LATE!!??!!!

Nervertheless, Im happy for my sister and relieved for myself that Im back. But all this has completely shaken the peaceful equilibrium that I had created in my home regarding my marriage. My mom is now not so convinced about my logic of marrying after 2 years…so der is lot of damage control to be done.

Sigh…sometimes i feel maybe i shud just get it done with if only to get rid of all dis nagging. But then, dats not the solution na.


6 thoughts on “Next is what? ME!!

  1. Ah, my dear! Don’t we all have to go through this until the “happy occasion”!

    It is irritating. However, much too late I realized that giving intrusive well-wishers true answers is a waste of time and breath because they really don’t listen to you at all. πŸ˜€

    And welcome back πŸ™‚

  2. Spectator: GET LOST!

    Ms. Chill Pill: Ok so dis is indeed a no-win situation. 😦

    Thesanelyinsane: Arrrgh! How much i hate that.

    Bakfire: You are no friend!

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