Commitment or happiness!?!

The way I look @ it, whatever you do in life, your ultimate aim is your happiness. If something makes you happy, don’t think twice about taking it up. Afterall, if you cant make yourself happy, you cannot make anyone happy. 🙂 So your happiness is paramount.

On another side is commitment. Something which you have taken up. Mind it, this is different from responsibility since responsibility is at times given to you or you are even born with it. But commitment is something you take up or you make out of your own free will. So its your word against everything else. It goes without saying that you have to see it through.

So what to do when/if there is a clash of des 2 objectives!?!

What if your commitment comes in way of your happiness? Maybe dis clash was not apparent at the time of making the commitment and reveals in dues course. So should one give up on the commitment coz it turned out to be different from what he/she bargained for? And just give up on this cause of discomfort and be happy again?

But then can one be happy/content when they have falsified der own word? IS it wise giving up something coz it was different from our expectations? Shouldn’t we stick to it since it was a choice we made for ourself and if not one else, we should honour it for our own sake?

Any comments anyone?


10 thoughts on “Commitment or happiness!?!

  1. I must say that this is one big moral dilemma.
    But I will go for commitment. I know I may be sounding very idealistic.
    But still. That is the way to go.
    Happiness is a state of mind and nothing else. This by no means should be understood as that it is not important.
    But committments are something you make to someone else or yourself.
    They show your true mettle. They show that, even you have to confront hardships, you are still going to do something you committed.
    Committment shows your integrity. And committement is easier when you are passionate.
    But if you were not passionate in the first place, then why did you commit?? (Nothing personal)

  2. the conflict is mostly in our mind, cause we are not sure what we want in the longer term…and that makes it a question of two choices (or more 😛 )

    in any case, either route u take, in the long run u have no idea how its gonna shape up 😛

  3. I believe we are committed to do things that makes ourselves happy and surely we will not commit on anything that comes in the way of our happiness, so I dont see a point of clash

  4. Tanu: Thanks sweetie but do we have to bear it till it becomes unbearable?

    Dev: I got your point but then is der a point in continuing with some thing thats draining out your smile? But then again…will you be happy knowing that you dint honour your own word?
    Questions, questions 🙂

    The sanelyinsane: Not knowing the long term events doesnt stop us from taking decisions that affect us in long term way. eg: choosing a career

    Cavaliere: So is your own happiness of little importance? So how do u judge the feasibility of your actions?

    Spectator: Suppose the clash comes in light after you have made the commitment. Eg: Having an arranged marriage?

  5. well, in that case i’ll choose the option in which maximum ppl are happy, provided that i myself am happy after that. lot of possible combinations to analyze. based on the situation and seriousness of the matter. you cant have a rigid rule in such cases, such decisions are taken spontaneously .

  6. I’m not sure really……..hmmm….I think I’ll place commitment ahead of my happiness.

    Yeah the more I think abt it thts how I am…but then frankly sometimes all I get in return is brickbats :-S

  7. Spectator: Hmmm true…but then der are no standard solutions for any problem in the world.

    Nancy: Ah! Dont care for brickbats. Even if you get into charity, some ppl will find it in them to accuse you of something bad…cant make everyone happy.

    I am fine, just kinda busy with studies so not writing much 🙂

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