You DITCHED me!!??!!

Hellooooooooooo…anyone here!?! Or have you people already forgotten all about this blog…dats what my wordpress stats seem to think ;(

2 months of not updating and the entire civilization is wiped off my blog!!! Bus yehi dosti, yehi pyaar!!??!! Im hurt. Im heartbroken. 😦

Anyways, I was busy studying for my PGDBA 1st semester exams. I started with this course from Symbiosis Distance Learning in July 2008. In feb 2009 i felt its high time I get done with atleast one semester 😀 Atleast dat was the initial plan when I gave up on my job and decided to tackle des books before I find myself another place to slog-and-whine. But now I have decided to get done with my PGDBA once and for all before re-entering the corporate arena.

1stly, if any of you have done this correspondance course along with your job..Hats off to you, comrade!! I just cudnt do it…job is super hectic plus after 2 years one is so out of tune with books that getting back to all that mugging up and puking it out for exam thing is sooo alien!! it took my entire 2 months to finish dis 1st semester. It went kinda well.

Other den that, nothing much had been happening in my life actually. My cousin getting married next week so der was shopping to do which I was NOT interested in (SURPRISE! SURPRISE!), thanks to me putting on weight faster den a pregnant cow. I just dint like it…and since dis is the 1st time its happening, im sooo not used of it. :(:(

Picture this: My entire summer wardrobe outfitted me and I had to go and buy 3 wrap-around skirts for myself! 😦

And to top it all, murphy’s law became synonymous with me: While I was juggling my exams with my shopping expeditions, the day i finally got done with it, MY PLAN CANCELLED!!! Apparently, my younger brother’s university exams got scheduled around same time and I was TOLD (not even asked) to take care of him. Ya he is a 20 yr old lad but for all his last exams he has been meeting accidents around dis time so my mother wont even think about leaving him alone 😦

So im gonna enjoy this week, read lotta blogs, write even more and den may onwards I’ll get back to my books..but you’ll still see me around.

Take care 🙂


6 thoughts on “You DITCHED me!!??!!

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  2. Hey! I just started doing my PGDBA and guess what? I’m working..just can’t imagine me finishing all the papers in time if I go like this (working n studying)…beside that out of tune factor is a super stopper! wish me luck, coz I can’t just leave the job!!
    Oh! one more thing, I created this new blog (see my website detail) for PGDBA folks..have a look and tell me how you find it!

  3. All the luck to you buddy. Hats off to those who can manage it (which is infact a majority of people!). I for one wud never do it coz if given an option I wud continue working ignoring my books.

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