Man vs Destiny

I m not really a firm believer in all this fortune and luck and destiny jazz. As per me, people who cant really put in all their effort hide their failure behind these words. “I dint get it coz it was not in my destiny. That fella got it coz he was just lucky” Arrey ye kya baat hui…you are not ready to believe that other guy worked harder than you, that maybe he was more deserving than you!
Ofcourse over time i have grown with more experiences and ideologies. there has been a change though not radical per se. I do believe in destined things but only in terms of a default setting. If you make an effort then you can change the outcome.
Its something like a plane whose course is set by an auto pilot. If everything remains the same it will follow a natural course that has been decided and fed in it. but if the pilot (dats you) decides to intervene then the course and the end destination would depend on the pilot’s jurisdiction.
Again this definitely does not mean that you may waste your life without so much as moving a finger since ‘there is always a backup plan of the autopilot’. Coz in such a case, the plan is generally quite a bad one…you wont end up in a mansion if you dont strive for it.
somehow when i look at things (like a bird’s eye view), i dont understand which incidences were destined and which were result of my actions. It all so intermingled. Now you might ask y is it so important to know. It is coz if you observe the trends you can find out where you are makin the mistakes and then you can take corrective measures! Sometimes you not making an effort also results in good things. Infact, generally better den good things and our intervention leads to complications.

Pretty confusing na…care to clarify anyone?


5 thoughts on “Man vs Destiny

  1. Ah! This prompts me to spew out some gyan! πŸ˜‰

    There is hard work and there is this thing about timing. Doing all the preparations AND being at the right place at the right time is important. There are no alternatives in this universe. Things just are what they are.

    Say, one prepares well for an interview, but his car breaks down on the way on the exact day. A lot of can-be-dones come into play here.
    – Is he calm enough to not panic in that situation?
    – Is he resourceful enough to lock and leave the car right there and take public transport?
    – Is he assertive enough to call up the interviewers to say he has an emergency and to move his slot around to a later time?

    The persons soft skills play a huge part in him getting something. There are always surprises. And nasty ones at that. People who accept this fact and think on their feet, to surmount these unforeseen obstacles do better in life than the one who sits back to weep the second the car breaks down.

    Makes sense, I hope…

  2. Oh my gosh…
    I must say our thoughts do match a lot…see I am again posting a link to the post I wrote about 1.5 years back about the same theory of luck being non existent.

    Dont take me otherwise…but I could not find a better way of appreciating your thoughts than reciprocating it. πŸ™‚ After all, reciprocation is all we want from life.

    And yes…as far is destiny is concerned…it is what we make out of it…a man will always go as far as he wants and not as far as he should.
    Now this is getting a really complex explanation to your simple post… πŸ™‚

  3. U know what, this’s my favorite subject i.e self-discovery. That said, I must say there’s nothing called destiny in a man’s life. Destiny only governs animals’s lives. Perhaps, this old sanskrit sloka supports my point: Purushyas bhagyam, streya treecharitam, devah na jaano katuh manushya….However, I totally disagree about the woman’s point that is said in the slokah. Cheers & keep writing.

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