My 25 secrets

Nancy tagged me to tell 25 things about myself that no one knows otherwise..well since Datsme is kinda new to the blogging scene, anything and everything I tell will be news to you. So here goes πŸ™‚

  1. I am more comfortable with chatting online rather than actually talking to people. And meeting them is a far cry…maybe coz generally people do not meet up to your perceptions and end up disappointing you.
  2. I am supremely lazy. I would prefer to go thirsty rather then bother getting up to get a glass of water for myself. Still I hate to ask anyone to get me food, water etc. Weird na.
  3. Well, its kinda unusual in gals but i don’t gossip (Its true! Stop shaking your head in disbelief ok!). Though the flip side of this is in case i am sitting with a group of gals, I usually scumb to the self assigned role of a listener. (But dats ok, i am a good listener)
  4. Saying SORRY is biiiiiiiiiiiiiig thing for me…If im really at fault, then I’ll try to make it up to the person but actually uttering that 5 letter word is quite a task. Ironically, I can say sorry 10 times a day to someone who means nothing to me but my friends never hear dis word from me.
  5. I scratch your back, you dont scratch mine; dats the rule I live on. I would be glad to help you in any which way I can but I would never ask for your help.
  6. I rock at my work. I enjoy working and every aspect of it. the deadlines, the work pressures. so much so that i hate absolutely hate sitting @ home. So these few months are not exactly enjoyable for me.
  7. In any argument or discussion, I end up playing the devil’s advocate. I like looking at the other side of the story.
  8. I choose my friends very carefully. Though have many acquaintances, very few are considered my friends.
  9. I am supremely moody. I might get cranky one moment and utterly nice the very next.
  10. Quite often 1st impression i deduce about a person is generally WRONG. So i go by 2nd impression is the last impression.
  11. Ok dis is a completely stupid and useless fact but one Im writing it just to complete the numbers…I dont drink water. In winters, days go by without me drinking water. Maybe i was once a camel πŸ˜€
  12. I go completely ecstatic when i see something natural like a butterfly or a waterfall or lush greenery (maybe coz its soo rare in Delhi) but somehow its still hard to imagine me living anywhere other den in a city.
  13. Crowd repels me. I used to go to college half an hour earlier den usual time coz den buses used to be empty.
  14. Someday I want to explore undiscovered regions.
  15. I get along perfectly with my dad. My mom and I have our differences in point of views but we do love each other….a lot.
  16. When something or someone occupies my mind, then its all-consuming (I cannot think or do anything else) and it ends suddenly without a trace.
  17. When i am watching a movie @ home, i cannot sit for more then half hour, then i either start walking or just give up on the movie. I sit in the movie halls but that cu be coz of TINA factor (There is no alternative)
  18. I prefer reading the books rather then their movie adaptations. I dint like the movie series of Harry potter as much as the book.
  19. I can read a murder mystery/suspense thriller again and again even knowing the end.
  20. I at times cry watching an emotional scene. I once even cried watching ICE AGE! (if anyone i knew personally had known this blog link, i would never ever have confessed this here)
  21. I put on weight faster den a wet cotton.
  22. Dark Chocolate is something I cannot resist. But that is not the reason for point no. 21
  23. I want to learn how to whistle, the one that requires you to put your fingers in your mouth (mawaali whistle)
  24. I love myself the most but dat dsnt mean that I hurt people around me.
  25. My concentration level is as deep as a spoon πŸ˜€ I just cannot meditate for more then 2 minutes!

Ok finally its done. I guess most of the people in my list have done this tag already so all those who have not done thi tag, please consider urself tagged πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “My 25 secrets

  1. quiet a list πŸ™‚ books are almost always better than movie adaptations… very few movies have ever done justice to the books. btw, what is TINA factor? 😐

    and btw friends, do we really need to say sorry and thank you? am not sure – i dont use sorry and thank you with my close friends…

  2. Anoop: Well im quite stuck on saying Thank you…and i think u shud say thank you to ur frnds. TINA factor is short of ‘There Is No Alternative’

    Oorja: U mean u dont put on weight :O Im sooo jealous!

  3. i’m stuck on the work thing…somehow even though i enjoy working…i have a very peculiar style which requires a lot of sync between co-workers and it doesnt work that way and so work tends to be boring for me…i’m a conversationalist…and thats how i enjoy work happening a multitude of discussions which make the actual typing out of the stuff a quick task…aah i the one who has to suffer

  4. That was fun.2,10&’re totally me.In fact not only dark chocolate I cant resist any chocolate in any which form.

    I have done the tag too:)

  5. Sanely insane: I dont like discussion..most of times its 90% noise and only 10% actual crux of things.

    Deeps: Kewl..i’ll hop in ur blog right now πŸ™‚

    Dev: Dude, u J of me coz I DO put on weight!?!

  6. Oh I had fun reading it:-D

    esp abt ur concentration level & emotional scenes setting u off:-D.

    “I dint like the movie series of Harry potter as much as the book.”
    Mee toooo, meee toooo!!!!

    “I dont drink water. In winters, days go by without me drinking water. ”
    I’m close behind u. But nowadays I have to set an example since my kids have taken after me. So I have to drink 2 glasses of water to make them drink 1 :-S.

    “I would be glad to help you in any which way I can but I would never ask for your help.”
    Mee tooo….but in return all I hope is tht u dont bitch behind my back:-P

    Nice tag!!!!!!!

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