Laptop in Kitchen

“Im gonna be 20! Not a teenager anymore…its BIG. Im a grownup man. Its so special :)”

Nah not me, this was my brother raving about his entering the manhood age. Its one of those events in your life which you expect to me landmark events, bracing yourself for some kinda cosmic alignment and an elightening of sorts …only to realize looking back at it that it was nothing different!

But for now…his 20th bday was all important for my brother… He wanted a party for his friends..a bunch of 8 hooligans! Nothing wrong with that.

But my mother is kinda against serving hotel food to people coming @ home. And since she cudnt have cooked food for 9 kids with king sized appetite all by herself, naturally I had to help her what with my recent availability @ home. And so I had to pull through the most bizzare multi tasking day in my memory.

The multi tasking part started@ 10AM. Laptop was placed in the kitchen and my mobile was next to the vegetable chopping slab. Add to the mess, I have 2 mobile phones…people call on my old number and I make calls through my recently acquired number 😦

Ofcourse Murphy’s law came into picture so when I was hoping for an easy working day for myself, I had n number of calls, sudden alterations to plans to be made and sent to the client ASAP, call up 10 people to take appointments, follow up from 15 others who asked me to call them today, and send them emails…and list goes on.

So I was chopping onions followed by 2 emails followed by capsicums interruped by a phone call which required some chat on SKYPE followed by heating oil in a pan and adding mustard seeds and waiting for them to start jumping out of the pan (any one wud if you out them in hot oil) then add onions and stir till they turn golden brown…since that takes some time, I could make a couple of phone calls and since they required to be followed up with emails, i could do that also. But cud I trust the onions not to stick themselves to the pan!?! Nooooooooooooooooo! But I did..and I was let down! 😦

Thankfully we were serving lunch and not dinner and so while I had the busiest and messiest day of mhy professional and culinery life, it was all over by 3PM. Not that you asked but the food was yummilicious! Post that I had to continue working. Miraculously, after 3, there was no incoming phone calls or emails or any emergency work…WTF!

If you are thinking why the devil dint I take a leave for that day and that would have made my life so much easier…I DONT KNOW.


10 thoughts on “Laptop in Kitchen

  1. U remind me of my sister…she used to be the same:-P
    …….I mean, just take an off dammit instead of juggling some 20 appointments & whtnot.

    “Miraculously, after 3, there was no incoming phone calls or emails or any emergency work…WTF!”
    LOL….like u said before, Murphy’s law came into effect.

  2. Nancy: Thanks. Dats a very sweet thing to say πŸ™‚
    Takin a leave wud have been the sane thing to do…No idea y dint i think of it before.

    Bakfire: Oh no its definetly not free…and I assure you i wont be takin a ‘leave’ for sure πŸ™‚

  3. hey thanks for dropping by my blog ..

    This post was funny.. glad you brother got the treat for his entry to 20,

    make sure to take a treat from him when he leaves 20 πŸ™‚

  4. lol ..good to know that the food was eatable πŸ˜›
    ;last time i tried to prepared food my taste buds died ..
    wrote a post too ..but too lazy to find and paste it here ..

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