Direct hit by economic crisis

It’s hard to escape the economic crisis currently surrounding the world. And trust me its bad…and no one can imagine how bad a situation is unless it strikes you right in the middle of your eyes.

That’s what happened to me.

I used to read about all these mammoths meeting same and as the hairy mammal did centuries back…actually, genuinely feel bad for al l those people being shown the door in these tough times. And then the day came when we all were sitting across our company head and hearing the same lines!

Hard times…cost cutting measures…unforeseen circumstances…hard steps required…we are evacuating our office premises for the time being. Some people were shown the door, others were shown their home. Thankfully I fell in the latter category.

That was one a month back.

So now I work from my home…that means, no more getting up early morning, reaching office on time braving the notorious traffic and super duper notorious Delhi winters. I work all  cozied up in my quilt on my bed (I was never into table-chair arrangement) and before you ask…no I never fell asleep working.

And my job profile still involves lot of phone calls only now I am making them instead of getting the phone calls..cold calling to prospective clients and setting up appointments… I don’t like it much but hanging on t o it till something better comes across.

So in a way this crisis has been a boon. Except of course some side-effects.

Like I miss the easy camaradie of my collegues. Jokes, pranks we used to play on each other all the time. The head banging metal that 2 of them used to make us listen to on the busiest of days coz ‘its sin not to listen to this.’

Not to mention that sitting at home all day without moving anything except my fingers is not helping my weight gain problem at all…about time I do something about it and stick to it.

But till then its working from home for me…lets see for how long.

Working from home

Working from home


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