Getting engaged

I am getting engaged

After 60 days


After 60 days is 1st April and you are the 1st Fool of 2009!!! πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

This was a SMS joke that I forwarded to some of my friends. I was counting on the fact that their busy schedules wont let them think that this is NOT a 1 lined SMS and that they do need to scroll down to read the entire thing. I was kinda sure of this also coz partly some other friend had also sent me the same SMS.

It was HILARIOUS! You wont believe some calls and messages I received.

“Kaun? Kab? Kahaan?Kaise? Hai re, ab mera kya hoga!?!”


“Abe pagal ho gayi hai kya?”

“That’s great news. How come so suddenly?”

“If you are not pulling some kinda silly joke, then its a wonderful surprise.”


and soo on….

It was super fun. But guess what happened when I shared the joke with my mother. And instead of laughing with me, she said, “Well obviously they fell for it! Who wud expect a 24 year ol gal to poke fun @ marriage? They wrnt surprised by your getting engaged declaration coz they expected it. Learn from this that its time for you to…..blah blah blah


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