The year that was…

“So how was 2008 for you?”

Other then the “how was 31st eve?” OR “Any New year resolutions?”, people somehow never fail to ask this…whatI generally do is just smile and say something acceptable.

But I fail to give an adjective to this tulmutous year that went by.

Memories I can never let go of; Memories I am unable to let go of.

The moment of bliss, excitement, nervousness, fear all together ending with a feeling of unadultrated happiness and perfection.

Going to sleep with a content smile on my face and already-dreaming eyes.

Knowing that I am not alone and feeling good about it.

Smiling even while crying and knowing the reason behind it.

Seeing it all shatter but still waiting for some one to come and say that it was only a dream.

Trying to find reasons not to believe.

Working with a vengeance I never knew was possible in me.

A moment of elation with appreciation more than I dared to hope. Followed by disappointment that it cudnt be shared with all those who mattered to me..not all.

Seeing my cherished hope for months coming to life and then brutally getting shattered..all in a 2 minutes time.

Reading about a crisis in papers and feeling bad for those unknown people facing it. Going to office and seeing my friends face the same.




Hoping that I have learned never to hope again…knowing all along its futile.

Ignoring phone calls, SMSes, Messenger pings…and actually not feeling bad about it.

Spending some time with myself…asking questions I dint really want to hear and trying to figure out the answers.


The year that was…


2 thoughts on “The year that was…

  1. Let me be the first one to comment:
    whatever it was, leave it.
    tighten your sail, as the ride might be rough.
    and way across there will be the land you seek.
    Only thing we can do is hope and seek further.

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