A new beginnning

They say change in the only constant…I couldn’t agree more. Ironical though it is, all their life people strive to achieve a perfection, an optimal point in their life. But once you achieve it and euphoria of ‘Yesssss!’ dies away, it actually gets quite boring.

You feel like messing it up a little to make it more believable.

What other reason could there be to start afresh with this see-all-diary type personal blog thing when i have already had one running for past 2 years! Yes, there is another part of my mind living and breathing in this WWW and I don’t think I’ll ever connect these two. In one of the moments when I finally decided to end my self imposed exile and pen down something on my blog did I find myself quite unable to do so..why? First I thought it was a blogger’s block, then maybe I don’t have anymore writing left in me…but finally i concluded I just don’t relate to that identity anymore…I have sort of grown out of it.

And so i decided to start afresh.

A new beginning.

And this time, its only about ME.

Feel free to connect 🙂


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